Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stevo Miklos' Days Off

I finally made it to Slovakia! 

That may be the first time in the history of the world that sentence has been uttered. Regardless, it was a long-time dream of mine to meet my high school pals, Stevo and Rob Euell, in their natural habitat in Bratislava. 

Stevo, me, and Rob Euell

The question wasn't "what are we going to do." The question was "what aren't we going to do."

We ate a breakfast of cheese and hot chocolate.
We frolicked by vast fields of sunflowers. 
We reflected on the Iron Curtain. 
And the short distance to freedom across the river.

We rambled around the streets of Bratislava.

Found cannonballs.
Posed with and as statues

And with castles.

And city views.

"We went to a museum. We saw priceless works of art..."

We ate marrow...
...and mousse! 
And drank the Slovak version of Coke, Kofola, as we relaxed by the lake.
And don't forget the babies!

We missed out on the parade float, but we sure got a healthy dose of Eastern European rollerbladers! Amazing. Bummer they were going to swiftly to photograph.

"What have you seen today?" 
"We've seen everything good...we've seen the whole city!"

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Water Fountains, Cheese, and PhDs!

As my first stop back into the West, I swung by to visit my friend, Rachel, in Geneva the day after she submitted her doctoral thesis. Not too much to report here. She was tired, and I was tired, so there was a lot of napping.

And cheese. 

I also offended a Frenchman. And then he took us in his boat to France for the afternoon for Bastille Day.  

The height of civilization - public water fountains!!!!

Max and Rachel! Heart.

Rachel eating ice cream by Lake Geneva after our bike ride.